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  • Do you take insurance?
    Yes. Please reach out to us at 530 317 9469 for insurance verification. Care can also be paid by credit or debit contactless payment, cash or check. Deep Tissue / Sports Massages not offered for coverage by insurance. They may be eligible for payment via FSA/HSA cards.
  • What is the price of services?
    Chiropractic care at CORE SS+R begins with a Initial Exam & Treatment Appointment (60m) with a out-of-pocket price of $130. Subsequent Rehab Follow-up Appointments (30m) are eligible for insurance coverage, with an out-of-pocket cost of $65. Deep Tissue / Sports Massages are $90 (60m) are not eligible for insurance coverage but may be paid for via FSA/HSA.
  • What conditions can you treat?
    The most common conditions we help people with are: disc herniations, disc degeneration, sciatica, hip impingement, sports hernias and adductor strains. However we see many people with the following with a very high success rate: strained rhomboid, cervical disc herniation, pinched nerves in neck, shoulder impingement and numbness of the hand.
  • Is a Chiropractor a real doctor?
    Chiropractors have professional degrees called a DC. DC stands for “Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine.” Yes chiropractors are doctors of musculoskeletal health, as dentists are licensed doctors of dentistry. Chiropractors are Portal-of-Entry providers, we are required to consider all possible disease presentations, conduct thorough histories and exams, as well as identify conditions that we ourselves cannot treat but can refer to the appropriate provider.
  • How many session are required per week?
    The frequency of your sessions is dependent on a few variables. How much pain are you in? How old is the injury? How much help do you want? At the conclusion of your 1st session, we can make a more accurate estimate of how many session (and how long) we recommend for your situation.
  • What type of back pain do we treat?
    Disc Herniations Pinched Nerves Sciatica Non-Specific Lower Back Pain Facet Syndrome Muscle Spasms Right Side Lower Back & Sciatica Left Side Lower Back & Sciatica Hip With Lower Back
  • Do I need to have a chiropractic adjustment?
    No, “cracking” your spine is not required to feel better using the CORE SS+R. We have many treatment approaches that we can use to accomplish the reduction of pain (and restoration of function). “Cracks” are not required to feel better. Adjustments can be a useful tool for some patients as a supplementary approach to care.
  • Is a virtual Telehealth Session just as good as coming in person?
    There is no substitute for coming in person. We can perform all physical and orthopedic examinations in person with better accuracy. Virtual assessment still provides a significant amount of information to make a diagnosis and treatment plan. The value of a trained eye is overlooked in rehabilitation and sports medicine. Yet a trained eye evaluating movements can be as (if not more) useful as an MRI or Xray. If your movements created the problem, assessing and correcting movement is a logical first step. Virtually we can do that.
  • My MRI shows _____ can you help?
    MRIs can help CORE SS+R providers identify the root cause of your pain, yet the results of an MRI do not give us all of the information. The only way to identify the root cause is if you allow us to examine you. We will perform a VERY comprehensive exam, that can complement your MRI or X-ray findings. Within this examination, we stress test your joints, muscles, discs, and tendons to identify the cause of your symptoms. If we can not help you, we will let you know on your first visit.
  • Do I need surgery?
    While we do not have surgeons on staff, urgent surgical consultation is required if there is a rapid decrease in strength, change of bowel/ bladder function (in association with onset of pain), or excessive numbness (between thighs or in multiple limbs). Surgery is reserved to address rapid function degradation. High levels of pain is not an indication of surgical need. We can help resolve pain and restore function in many types of conditions. If we feel you may need surgery we will tell you quickly
  • How do I know if I have Sciatica?
    Burning or tingling down the leg. Weakness, numbness, or a hard time moving the leg or foot. A constant pain on one side of the rear. A shooting pain that makes it hard to stand up.
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